We review artists' resumes in the fall, or as we have openings in our artist roster. Please check our homepage for open call notifications and instructions, or contact with questions.


If you are interested in volunteering or interning with Groundswell, please fill in and submit the following form. We will follow up with details on volunteer training workshops which are held twice a year, in January and in June.



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Preferred Method of Contact:
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What days are you available to volunteer?

How long do you plan to work with us?

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Please place an X next to all aspects of Groundswell you may be interested in.

Mural painting:

Community research (surveys, interviews, etc.)
setting up scaffolding
assistant teaching
wall prep (scraping, priming, etc.)
transferring sketches to the wall
touching up/repairing old murals

Mural Documentation:

video recording
taking photographs
video editing
facilitating focus groups

Art Education:

curriculum development
giving presentations on studio art technique (painting, mosaic, etc.)
coordinating field trips
giving art history presentation

Art Administration:

coordinating mailings
data entry
grant research
grant writing
promoting ceremonies and events
writing/distributing press releases
coordinating dedication ceremonies
coordinating fundraising events
gathering support materials (photos, quotes from muralists, etc.)

Please list any skills, training, or interests you would like us to know about.

What would you like to get out of volunteering with Groundswell?