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"All Services Entail Tender Loving Care and a Listening Ear"

Groundswell Community Mural Project ©, www.groundswellmural.org



Summer Leadership Institute, 2010

Lead Artists: Chris Beck and Tess Korobkin

Youth Artists: Ariel Azore, Ra=Shawn Barino, Courtney Byron, Leland Canty, Taniqua Carter, Kwesi Egyir, Tony Hickman, Nico Koehler, Cassandra Parbolus, Chris Parra, Zane Smith

Location: 665 Willoughby Ave, Beford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Community Partners: Black Veterans for Social


This mural, commissioned by Black Veterans for Social Justice, depicts African-American participation in the armed services alongside scenes of families, domestic life and the history BVSJ. The letter that float throughout the composition pay homage to the prominant role of African Americans in the military mail services, as well as the importance of letters from home to personnel on active duty.