TEMA/ Don't Trash NYC


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Spray Paint on Steel
4 two sided containers 6 x 24 Ft

Lead Artist: Nicole Schulman
Assistant Artist: Bayunga Kialeuka
Youth Artists: Steven Tripari, Ye Yan, Nico Koehler, Jorge Beltran, Laura Castillo, Angel Garcia, Nayelly Escobar, Dominique Jamison, Ashley Hollingshead, Ken Zheng, Benjy Etienne, Jerry Etienne

Location: Mobile Dumpsters throughout NYC
Community Partner: Mo’s Carting




In one of Groundswell’s Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship (TEMA) programs, a group of young people worked with artists Nicole Schulman and Bayunga Kialeuka to create four mobile works of public art for Mo’s Carting, a local business that collects and recycles building materials in dumpsters throughout the city. The group developed imagery based on the importance of recycling and protecting our natural resources. They researched issues of how garbage is dealt with in NYC, and how space is running out in which to contain it. The team created imagery based on the concept that recycling reduces trash in urban areas, improving the quality of life- as well as preserving trees and our natural resources that cannot be easily replaced. Using stencils, multiple designs were created on four containers, whose mobility will effectively spread their message throughout NYC. The owner of Mo’s Carting was so impressed with the work of the team that she commissioned two youth to create artwork on more of the containers.