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"The People of Sunset Park"

Groundswell Community Mural Project ©, www.groundswellmural.org


Teen Mural Empowerment Apprenticeship, 2010/2011

Lead Artist: Yana Dimitrova

Assistant Artist: Sophia Dawson

Youth Artists: Royale Bastien, Shianti Bratcher, Jesus Castillo, Ronson Cezile, Gabriella Grafakos, Catherine Hunt, Casey Jones, Shakara Jones, Alexis Meza, Kevon Nicholas, Adan Palermo, Eric Palermo, Maribel Sanchez, Susana Sanchez, Thomas Torchio, Niyah Williams, Lena Yu

Location:Main Lobby of the Sunset Park Family Health Center, 5610 Second Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11220

Community Partners: Lutheran Medical Center


This mural was conceived as an exploration of the history of the Sunset Family Health Center for Women and Children through pictures of the people who have made the center what it is today. Imagery was derived from the portraits of individuals who have been important to the center, who live in the community and doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping people in the neighborhood. The mural is meant to look like a digital image viewer, highlighting a rolling landscape of Sunset Park in the background with the faces of these individuals as floating pictures.

At the dedication for the ceremony, youth spoke about how they learned about community and health and what those concepts meant to the people of Sunset Park.  News 12 interviewed one of the program participants, Adan Palermo, who shared his personal experience with attendees and the public.  Other participants, as well as lead artist Yana Dimitrova, and community members expressed how pleased they were with the outcome of the project, and how it represents the legacy of the community and the center.