Nature Adventure


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on Wall
6 x 130 ft

Lead Artist: Yana Dimitrova
Assistant Artist
: Jessica Poplawski
Youth Artists:
Jeannine Chen, Briannalise Bermudez, Ning Yi Chan, Rebecca Chan, Victoria Sarita, Amber Rose-Hempel, Demi Dong, Kelly Zhan, Joyce Wu, David Garcia, Jason Liu, Joseph Catuogno, Phoebe Lin, Kirsteen Wong, Nicholas Pilacinski, Shuwen Tan, Jing Ling Zheng, Sophia Hu, Kerry Daly, Hatim Elouaqour, Angie Li, Sharon Wong, Noor Bousaeed
PS176K, 1225 Avenue Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY 11219
Community Partners: PS176K



This mural wraps around the wall of the PS176K school yard. Its theme focuses on understanding, celebrating and preserving nature. The mural team collectively transformed the school environment with a vibrant example of how nature can look if we do our part to protect it. Crowning the mural is the schools motto: “Believe it. Achieve it!’