TEMA/ Winding the Clock



Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Glass and Ceramic Tile on Concrete Board

Three 9’x5’ Panels

Lead Artist: Clare Herron          
Asst. Artist: Edwin Vazquez
Youth Artists: Sandra Aghedo, Suzan Aghedo, Shianti Bratcher, Christopher Chase, Gage Cook, Nikita Dubnov, Gabriella Grafakos, Aurora Hayes, Rashidi Howell, Wesley Kalu, Caroline Mahony, Annita Morales, Dolapo Olawunm,i Cassandra Parbolus, Mariah Quinones, Urantia Ramirez, Ves Whaley
Community Partner: Bowery Residence Community
Golden Age Senior Center in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Delancey Street Between Chrystie and Forsyth


This mosaic was created as a celebration of the history of Chinatown and the Bowery with a strong focus on the themes of longevity, health, and good luck. The images that were used in the project were derived from the visual stimulation of walking down the streets of Chinatown, admiring the historical landmarks, food, and culture that have long been an attraction of the neighborhood.