Voices of Nature


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on Wall
8 x 16 ft

Lead Artist: Conor McGrady
Youth Artists:
Vince Maximin, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Kristie Serrano, Kevan Nicholas, Zoon Attique, Christina Pineda, Ojadele Paloma, Lalita Santos, Cherry Sompanya, Trevonne Walker, Chyna Bartholomew.
Brooklyn High School of the Arts, Dean & Pacific Street, Brooklyn.
Community Partners: Brooklyn High School of the Arts



This mural for the choir room at Brooklyn High School for the Arts transforms the space with images relating to the power of the human voice. The mural team selected images of nature to bring to life the power and symbolism of the human voice, including images of water flowing, mountains (symbolizing echoes and reverberation), and the sun spreading rays of warmth and light. The center of the composition features a mandala, inspired by images of stained glass imagery as found in churches and referencing the history of the choir’s relationship to spirituality. Three concentric circles frame the central mandala, signifying the power and vibrancy of the human voice, once again reflected though echo, repetition and reverberation.