CMAP/ Coney Island Aquarium Mural



Acrylic on Parachute Cloth
12 X 100 ft

Artists: Candice Sering & Chris Beck
Youth Artists: Joaquil Harden, Joshua Silva, Juanita Davis, Za’aire Brown, Carla Pierre, Mohamed  Abdel Sanmon, Jeremiah Jenkins, Devante Aneus, Daniel Gomez, Shani Coleman, Rebechal Thimatis, Diana Ijelu, Michael Coleman, Kerat Avis, Nantakeran Robinson, Alexandra Leus

Location: Boardwalk at the New York Aquarium, Brooklyn

Community Partner: New York Aquarium; South Brooklyn Youth Consortium



Working in partnership with South Brooklyn Youth Consortium (SBYC) and the New York Aquarium, this mural was created by a group of youth from SBYC who worked with Groundswell artists Candice Sering and Chris Beck. The finished mural transforms the boardwalk with a vibrant floating collage of aquatic images. From the aquarium staff, the mural team learned about the habitats that sea animals live in.  In intensive workshops they learned how color factors into sea creatures environments and how their shapes are key to their survival. Choosing colors that they actually saw in aquatic life, the team created a progression of imagery that flows across a span of 100 feet along the boardwalk. Playing with color, repetition and scale, the group developed a scene that shows the movement and intensity of sea life habitats.