Peace and Freedom

Peace and Freedom

Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on Cinderblock Wall
9 x 29 ft

Artists: Javaka Steptoe
Assistant Artist: Edwin Vazquez
Youth Artists: Troy Harris, Juaneris Delacruz, William Wood, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Tiffany Gavin, Paris Peterson-Lloyd, Braulio Martinez

Location: Claremont Community Center 169th Street & 3rd Avenue, Bronx
Community Partner: Phipps NYC Justice Corps, Claremont Center




This mural depicts an environment designed to transport the viewer into an alternate space and to transform the community room at Claremont Community Center. The mural depicts a bird in flight over a forest landscape during sunset, holding in it's beak a red ribbon with the words Peace and Freedom inscribed on it.