Natural Inspiration


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on Parachute Cloth
96 x 125 in (two walls) & 96 x 96in (2 walls)

Lead Artist: Alex Pimienta
Assistant Artist: Crystal Bruno
Youth Artists: Laura Castillo, Angel Garcia, Casey Jones, Stephon Samuel, Ariel Azore, Brian Jean Louis, Hope Tenorio, Bengy Ettienne, Gage Cook, Renne, Hsieh, Jasper Brown, Ivan Jacobson
Volunteers: June Kim, Lupe

Location: 85 Lexington Ave. Brooklyn NY 11238
Community Partner: Bowery Residence Committee (BRC)



In Wednesdays (Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship) TEMA, fifteen youth worked with artist’s Alex Pimienta and Crystal Bruno to create a public artwork in partnership with BRC, a women’s residence in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The mural, which is created on parachute cloth which is adhered to the wall, wraps around the lobby of BRC, covering all four walls. By using different elements of nature to symbolize growth, change and prosperity, the mural serves to inspire all who use the lobby with a message of support. Stephon Samuel, one of the TEMA participants commented that, “This isn’t just a project. It’s a chance to bring these women a smile and made them feel safe”.