CMAP/ Utopia Express



Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on Cinder Block Wall
8 x 24 ft

Lead Artist: Nicole Schulman
Assistant Artist: Javaka Steptoe
Youth Artists: Ricky Lacare, Frantz Drouillard, Keshonna Griffith, Theiry Gabeaud, Amber Lockett, Ashley Dickerson, Mildred Ruiz, Genesis Cruz, Salvador Cruz, Tommy Hutson, Isiah Brunson, Krystal Clarke, Misha Bedford, Shakayla Brown, Adaisha Caldwell, Joseph Espano,

Volunteers: Lisa DiPetto

Location: North Oxford Street Brooklyn (rear of Cumberland Packing)
Community Partner: Cumberland Packing, Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts



This mural focuses on human and natural diversity, connecting elements from the urban environment with the natural world. It consists of a continuous surreal mural composed on five bricked up windows. The NYC skyline is combined with surreal natural elements (dinosaur- Brooklyn Bridge, octopus career woman), flowing toward outdoor landscapes depicting youth and animals.