Nature's Playground


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on brick
18 x 75 ft

Artists: Nicole Schulman & Chris Soria
Assistant Arist: Chris Soria
Youth Artists: Malik Branch, Brandon Pagan, Charles Cruz, Francisco Navarro, Donhue Henry, Rashawn Davidson, Kevin Green, Tyson King, Juaneris De La Cruz, Victor Fortuna, Maurice Morris, Chris Sanders, Anthony Gladden.
Intern/2nd Asst Artist: Nick Wallin

Community Partner(s): Trust for Public land; PS 47; Phipps NYC Justice Corp.

Location: 1794 E 172nd St Bronx, NY 10472



This mural brings to life local environmental issues in the Bronx, specifically the Bronx River. The mural team wanted to raise awareness how it would benefit the community to preserve and restore the river. They discussed imagery that would show the river in a positive light, using animals as a substitute for people. The images were chosen from exercises dealing with positive childhood memories, and using local New York animals that are now, or have been in the past, native to the Bronx. The overall concept is that the river and the community are one- and that to restore the Bronx River is to restore the community. The buildings depicted are based on local ones around the school and the canoe is a reference to the Bronx River Alliance’s canoeing trips down the Bronx River, which they do for recreation and activism. The result is a very colorful, uplifting mural that should hopefully peak local interest in the Bronx River.