SLI/ Turning Point


Groundswell Community Mural Project ©

Acrylic on a brick wall
15’ X 90’ feet

Lead Artist: Bayunga Kialeuka
Assistant Artist: Ryan Smith
Youth Artists: David, Richard, Richard, Theodore, Xiomara, Charmaine, Joshua, Ramel, Corey, Hilton
Supporting Staff from Turning Point: Taron Brown
Volunteers: Pov, Robert, Demetrius, Isaac, David

Community Partners: MS 219, Phipps, Office of the Mayor New York City

Location: MS 219 3630 3rd Ave(169th ST), Bronx, NY 10456



“Turning Point” focuses on MS 219’s core principles of community, academics and fitness. The theme of the mural addresses the need for young people to develop educated minds and healthy bodies, and addresses the need for the community’s investment in supporting its most important resource- its people.  The images in the mural focus on development through academic achievement, physical discipline, and the importance of community in terms of education, skills, work habits, and goals. During design phase, the mural team defined the function of community as that of an extended family, including local residents, fellow students and school staff. The finished mural acknowledges and celebrates the importance of this community.